Personal Injury

In our crowded and fast-paced world, accidents happen every day. Someone jostles you in a crowded store. You get a door ding in the parking lot. Your coffee spills when a poorly fit lid falls off the cup. While all these things can probably be avoided with if someone just pays a little more attention, most cause nothing more than some irritation or inconvenience. Unfortunately, some accidents are far more substantial. Major traffic collisions, falls, dangerous buildings, defective products or machines, and other negligent acts and conditions can result in serious injury or death. In these cases, the law allows an injured person (and sometimes their family members) to recover monetary damages from the responsible parties. While money damages can never undo the harm to a victim, it can relieve the financial burden of medical bills and future medical care, and can provide a level of compensation for the pain and suffering arising from a serious injury.

SWB pursues recovery of maximum damages for individuals and their families when serious injury or death arises from: